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Apollo Apples is an established service provider in the export of New Zealand apples.  We have the ability to manage all export documentation and hold certification for supply to all key markets.

Export Accreditation

Apollo Apples is a fully accredited facility with the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry (MAF Operating System) New Zealand under PEO-OAR (Plant Export Operations Operator Accreditation Requirements).  This means that we have a documented export management system that is maintained, operated and independently audited.  This allows us to produce a Declaration of Conformity (DOC) and Phytosanitarty Certificate without an Independent Verification Agency (IVA) carrying out inspections before product leaves our site.

Secure Exports Partnership

This scheme has been designed to protect against tampering, sabotage and smuggling from the point of packing to delivery.  Apollo is a member of the Secure Exports Partnership scheme and is working with New Zealand Customs to improve security in our export supply chain.

FDA Registration

Apollo Apples is registered with the United States Food and Drug Administration for the preparation and shipment of apples to the United States.  This also requires the demonstration of security measures and there operation.

USDA Program

Apollo Apples is registered and meets all the requirements of the United States Department of Agricultures Pipfruit Pre-clearance Program.  We have a close working relationship with the USDA/APHIS and MAF, including trailing various methods of meeting USA import requirements more efficiently and in a more cost-effective manner.

Apples to Taiwan

Apollo Apples is registered and meets all the requirements of the Apples to Taiwan Export Phytosanitary Program.  We have had a long association with the growing, packing and storage of apples for this important export market.

Organic Certification

Apollo Apples is certified by BIO-GRO New Zealand for the coolstorage and load out of pipfruit.  Whilst organics are not currently part of our core business, we have the capability to store and load organic fruit for export or domestic sales.

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