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Date Printed: Monday, 25 September, 2017

Welcome to Apollo Apples (2014) Ltd

Apollo Apples is a wholly owned subsidiary of T&G Global Limited.  

Apollo was formed in October 2006, after the merger of Apollo Fruit Ltd and United Fruit Packers HB Ltd (Unipac). It is based in the beautiful sunny Hawke's Bay region of New Zealand. The company Packhouse and Coolstore at the Whakatu site was built in 1998 and was the first purpose built Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage facility in New Zealand.

Our export packing and cool storage facilities have been custom designed to optimise fruit quality and to provide the best service possible to our customers.

We have teams of skilled, dedicated staff specifically trained to manage all aspects of post harvest logistics.  Apollo Apples is also a major provider of seasonal jobs in the Hawke's Bay region. The company provides accommodation in Hastings city for its RSE workers.

Apollo Apples has over 550 hectares of its own fruit producing orchards. These are run in accordance with the Pipfruit New Zealand IFP system, with, in house, specialists acting as technical and quality improvement consultants to our orchards.
As well as meeting strict security and food safety criteria, our facilities are amongst the most modern and innovative in New Zealand.

Apollo Apples Ltd is internationally recognised for providing quality services and has strong working relationships with New Zealand authorities such as MAF, Customs, AsureQuality and the Port of Napier.

Our services are available to growers, exporters and importers to ensure all aspects of packing, storage and shipment are to the highest standards possible.

We take pride in storing, packing and shipping apples to customers around the world.


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