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Apollo Apples (2014) Limited is part of the T&G Global companies, and was previously owned by the Beaton family. The company is still managed by Bruce Beaton, as part of his role of New Zealand General Manager - T&G Pipfruit.

The company is led by a dynamic very experienced management team.

There are two key principles upon which Apollo Apples is based

  1. Service to our customers
  2. Operate the best processes for maintaining fruit quality

Apollo Apples is an industry leader with technology and innovation in packing, coolstorage and supply chain management.  We have modern systems and procedures to ensure quality assurance and food safety is managed at each step of the logistics chain.

We are a quality-focused business that utilizes the latest technology to provide the best service possible to our customers.

Apollo Apples works both directly with customers in each of its export markets or collectively with exporters who have the same vision as Apollo Apples in selling the highest quality of fruit to the ultimate consumer.

Apollo Apples has an experienced sales and marketing team that understands the dynamics of the market and the consumer. It formulates programmes with customers that maximize profit for all concerned. Apollo Apples is very much into relationship selling and forming long term partnerships that build profit and long term sustainability into the market place.

Our current markets are the North America, Europe, UK, Asia, Middle East, India, and the Pacific. We export to over 40 counties.

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