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Good Agricultural Practice (GAP)

Apollo Apples is registered as a Produce Marketing Organisation (PMO) to ensure that Apollo Pac and its suppliers obtain and maintain EurepGap accreditation.

Apollo Apples and our growers have developed systems and documented these to make sure that they meet EurepGap audit requirements.  We are committed to ensure growers who are members of our PMO receive as much assistance as required to obtain and maintain their accreditation.

Fruit Maturity Testing

Apollo Apples has laboratory facilities for fruit maturity testing.  This service is provided to assist growers in deciding the optimum time to pick their fruit and to provide our customers with fruit of the highest eating and keeping qualities. 

As fruit arrives on trucks from the orchard, we also take samples to confirm that fruit meets export standards.  This process allows us to identify the quality of fruit before storage or packing and deal with it in best way possible.

Information from tests is provided to our suppliers and management team to help with decision making and planning requirements.

Orchard Quality Control

Apollo Apples works closely with our growers to assist with their quality control during picking.  We offer growers a comprehensive training process for orchard quality control and provide back up support during the harvest.

Packhouse and Coolstore Quality Control

At Apollo Apples, we employ a large QC team to ensure our processes and products meet or exceed the requirements of our customers.  Quality control staff complete extensive training and work closely with our Independent Verification Agency (IVA) AsureQuality to ensure we have latest information on export requirements.  We employ our own internal auditor and contract our IVA to complete independent audits on all major operating processes.

Fruit Library Samples

Part of our quality control process involves the sampling, storage and assessment of fruit library samples.  These samples are held in storage and inspected at predetermined intervals for defects and eating quality. 

Growers and staff are invited to view fruit on display to demonstrate how the fruit has stored and tastes.

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